'4 Seasons' by Samir Calixto & Korzo Productions

Dance / Amsterdam
April 18-22 2014, 8pm & 8.30pm

Various locations
€: 13,50 - 16

Working with Korzo Productions, award-winning Dutch-Brazilian choreographer Samir Calixto is bringing his latest piece, 4 Seasons, to Amsterdam for performances at the Bijlmer Parktheater and the Theater Bellevue!

The Performance: 4 Seasons

After finding success with a dance piece based on Franz Schubert's Winterreise in 2012, Calixto returns to tackle Vivaldi's The Four Seasons.

Using the classic as his inspiration, Samir Calixto has created 4 Seasons, an exciting and daring duet that sees two top dancers facing off against the forces of nature's four seasons.

Standing as a symbol for the turbulence of humanity, the seasons reflect the deeper human condition and circumstances which every generation has faced over the course of time: birth, evolution, culmination and decline.

Emphasising the juxtaposition between the layered baroque composition and collective loneliness represented by the dancers, the piece is a moving testament that eloquently balances expressive body movement and the emotional range of a seasonal cycle. 

About Choreographer Samir Calixto

Dancer and choreographer Samir Calixto (1978) was born and raised in Brazil, but migrated to Europe in 2005 to dedicate himself to his art. 

Working with many dancers in the Netherlands and around Europe, Calixto experienced a major breakthrough when he reached the final of the 2005 Best Dance Solo Competition in Leipzig with his performance Wash me Up.

4 seasons korzo

Korzo 4 Seasons
All photos by Robert Benschop

4 seasons korzo amsterdam

In 2009, Calixto created his first piece for Korzo Productions entitled Beating Hollow together with cellist Jan Willem Troost, which would go on to win the Jur Naessens Muziekprijs.

Receiving critical acclaim for his Winterreise Tetralogy in 2012 at the Holland Dance Festival, Samir Calixto has again drawn inspiration from classical music for 4 Seasons which was nominated for a Swan award for "Most Impressive Dance Production" in 2013.

Korzo Theater & Productions

An entrepreneur in the field of the arts, Korzo has consistently sought out, mobilised and helped up-and-coming artists to perform their craft. 

Along with their vital arts centre in The Hague, Korzo Productions is one of the largest Dutch companies working in modern dance. 

Offering an independent theatre and production company, Korzo is able to give choreographers and dancers the freedom necessary to create truly avant-garde works. 

Korzo Productions also successfully engages the public through large festivals and events such as the CaDance biennial festival and the Voorjaarsontwaken, both of which showcase new choreographic talent from the Netherlands.

Performance dates and locations

April 18 at 8pm | Amsterdam Bijlmer Parktheater | Tickets
April 22 at 8.30pm | Amsterdam Theater Bellevue | Tickets

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