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21 April 2014 - 21 May 2014, Various

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Anybody who has lived in, visited or seen photographs of Amsterdam has surely noticed the beautiful trees lining the canals and streets of the inner city. 

What is Spring Snow?

Most of these trees are in fact elms and, with more than 75.000, they are the most prevelant plant species in the city.

A unique aspect of these elm trees is that each year their seeds are released in a flutter of small, white flower petal-like encasements. 

The density of the trees and their near-simultaneous shedding of leaves coats the city in a blanket of delicate white, creating a 'spring snow'. 

In order to celebrate this natural phenomenon, the best routes for walking have been highlighted and special events will take place throughout the inner city. 

The Elm Route and Events

An initiative of Tijdmakers and a variety of partners, the Springsnow is an ode to the natural elms so typical of Amsterdam.

The organisation has created an Elm Route to highlight some the best spots to see the spring snow.

spring snow amsterdam 2014
Thumb photo by Roel Koning

spring snow amsterdam
Photo by Paul Glazier

The eight kilometre walk takes visitors from the elm arboretum by the EYE Film Museum in Amsterdam-Noord through the eastern part of central Amsterdam, down through a portion of the canal belt and culminates at the Hortus Botanicus

In addition, the 2014 edition will include special activities such as the Soundtrackcity Walk: Secrets of the Amsterdam Canals, Open Air Art Installations by Brazilian artist Túlio Pinto and a variety of special pop-up events!


See here for the 2013 Elm Route map.
Check here for updates regarding events.
Click here for a map of all of Amsterdam's elm trees.

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